3D VR Headset for iPhone and Android – Universal 360 Virtual Reality Goggles with Blue Blocking Lenses, Touch Button, and Adjustable Strap to Fit Kids, Teens, and Adults – by Imagistra

Transform your smartphone into an affordable virtual reality system with the Imagistra VR Headset. Simply insert a compatible smartphone and be whisked away into unforgettable 360° worlds from the comfort of your home. Ride thrilling roller coasters, fight zombies, go skydiving, explore haunted houses, or immerse yourself in a 3-D video. Experience a new reality with Imagistra VR’s premium features: Sight-Saving Optics – Our blue light blocking anti-glare lenses incorporate aspheric optics to maximize clarity and enhance your field of view. Excessive blue light exposure has been linked to disrupted sleep schedules, eye fatigue, and increased risk of eye disease. Action Button – Eliminate the need for a remote and expand your access to

Sale Price:$26.99

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