BlitzWolf vr Headset 3d Viewer Glasses Virtual Reality Google Cardboard Upgraded Version Movies Games Helmet for up to 4.7-6 inch Phone Samsung LG Sony Moto Nexus

Improvement of BW-VR3 than other existing VR headsets. Compatible with larger phone Hold up to 6.3″ phone while others are still limited to 6″, which means now the VR can easily hold big phone like Nexus 6P, iPhone7 Plus/6s Plus, Oneplus, LG G4/G5, Sony Xperia C5, etc. Horizontally movable phone clamp The phone clamp might be sticking at the volume button previously, now it’s worry-free because the clamp is designed to be movable to hold your phone properly. Lenses can be individually adjusting For different shortsighted of both eyes, now you can adjust the lenses individually to meet a perfect degree of both eyes instead of setting the focal distance only to the same position. Note: 1.This VR can’t automatically transform images to 3D

Sale Price:$23.99

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