Why IoT should have an artificial intelligence layer

Combining artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things opens the world to unlimited technological potential. In this article, Rick Delgado, freelance technology writer and commentator, explores why it makes sense to add an AI layer to IoT, possibly ... (read original - story...)

Service Provider IoT Solutions Can Drive Digitization

IoT adoption is growing. Cities are becoming smarter by optimizing parking revenues, waste management and collection routing, street lighting operations, and more. Airlines use real-time aircraft, airport, and weather sensor data to improve operations. (read original - story...)

IoT headed for mass adoption by 2019

Retailers using IoT technology also are finding that customer experiences are being improved because of it, based on a new study. The research questioned 3,100 IT and business decision makers across 20 countries to evaluate the current state of IoT and its ... (read original - story...)

Wearable gadgets seek permanent place in users’ lives

Consumers are snapping up fitness trackers, smart watches and other connected wearable gadgets but huge numbers wind up in drawers unused after just a few months once the novelty wears off. “Abandonment has been a big problem with wearable products ... (read orginal - story...)