Pansonite 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset- More Comfortable and Lighter For VR Games and 3D Movie with Adjustable Focal and Pupil Distance, Fit For IOS / Android Smartphones

You’ll Happily Enjoy Your 3D World for Longer Time! You have to stop enjoying your visual world for only few minutes because your phone is overheating. If you want to completely lost yourself in the visual world,this 3D VR has solved your problem… 75% faster heat dissipation than similar products with only one quarter closed lid design which will let the air more circulating You’ll Easily Focus Your Invisible Lenses In Seconds! You may spend hours trying to focus the lenses of other Virtual Reality glasses…and you may still never get it ‘Just Right’ If you want to spend less time working with the lenses problem and start enjoying a realistic virtual reality game or movie, then this 3D VR has solved your problem… You will adjust your

Sale Price:$45.33

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