Premium Virtual Reality VR Headset w/ Magnetic Button Trigger by Sytros, Lightweight VR Goggles Glasses for Apple iPhone Android & Samsung Smartphones

✅ Sytros Premium Virtual Reality Headset – (Google Cardboard Compatible) ✅ Comfortable and Natural Design The Sytros VR Headset was designed with comfort in mind! Sytros uses a virtual reality technology that includes SUPER SOFT & COMFORTABLE foam that supports your eyes as well as a design that fits naturally around your face! Premium Lenses One of the most important aspects of VR is the lenses! We use only premium quality lenses to provide you with the best picture possible!Our lenses can be adjusted to your eyes and eyesight in a matter of seconds! Support Glasses Unlike some other VR headsets you can use ours with your eyeglasses if you would like to! Feel more comfortable taking them off? Our lenses will adjust to your

Sale Price:$19.99

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