VR Headset with Remote Controller Immersive 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Stereo Headphone and Adjustable Headstrap for 3D Movies & VR Games, Fit for 4.7-6.0 inch IOS/Android Smartphone

Features: Full immersion 100 degree viewing angle with virtual 360° surround view. Adjustable Pupil Distance and Separate Focal Distance, satisfying different people. Compatible: 4.7 – 6.0 inch size Smartphones. How to use: 1. Download 3D VR video or games to test whether the device are split screen on the left & right sides and can play normally. 2. Open the cover plate, remove the phone case and insert your phone into the device, make sure the cell phone screen is in the middle, then close the cover. 3. Adjust the tension of the 3 headbands to the most comfortable mode and wear the headset. 4.Adjust the pupil distance once wear the VR headset, adjust the separate focal distance to get the best experience. It’s also compatible with

Sale Price:$36.99

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